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Full Version: Is this a prank or real? FUTURE FLYER POWERBOARD?
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I dont know what to think of this, sounds like April Fools got moved to October 21st

I’m happy to announce that starting today at 10am and running through Monday October 26th at 10am we’ll be giving away a free, account unlocked Future Flyer power board to everyone that logs in and collects it from the C-Store. There is no planned return date for this item, so get it while you can!

Stephen Ricossa
Executive Producer
Star Trek Online


Considering the date, I dare to say it is for real.


Stats appear to be identical to the superior Boards.
Awesome, thanks for the verification.
Moved from Fleet Discussions to STO Discussions.

This post is about THE GAME, not THE FLEET.

Please bare this in mind when making future posts.
Oh OK sorry about that, I think I got couple more posts that need to be moved as well.