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Full Version: S11 - New Reputation Details
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Season 11 will bring us a new Terran Task Force Reputation:

New space sets, ground sets, kit mods, and weapons will be as usual accompanying this reputation, along with a new rep trait tree. From my review it looks like torps and torp-related synergistic builds are going to get some serious love with this reputation, so of course I approve of it. Smile
It looks pretty good to me, any ideas when the Season 11 will start? I heard sometime in November?
Stats on the new gear are in this album:
I tested the new console on Tribble and it makes torps a lot more useful, and the visual effects for the new Terran weapons are awesome. Here's another album with some shots of the new Terran shield effects:
Very interesting torpedo abilities and gear in there...  Can't wait to give it a test drive Smile.
Sounds good, cant wait to start doing it.
(10-12-2015, 01:10 PM)Katarro Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds good, cant wait to start doing it.

Also can't wait for the new bugs as well....   

Anyway, I hope they will release it in an actually ready condition this time. Delta Rising was a fiasco, and took the mac client down for 3 weeks... 

Reputation wise, the torp users will be very pleased