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Full Version: Energy weapons in space
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Hey guys. I was just thinking about how I will set my ships up when I get back online. I saw on the Internet that Polarons are "a waste of space". Further research said that "they are best in PvP, but useless against non-players". I would like to know: is the latter true?

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The difference between energy types is 2/3% at most (with AP being at the top of that food chain). Feel free to shoot whatever color you like best if you're not hunting that last 2/3%.

That being said, Polaron's proc is one of the least desirable for PvE from my understanding.
I appreciate that, but I was mostly talking in terms of "if fully taken advantage of" i.e. flow caps, plasma leech, etc.

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So there isn't a "drain build guru" currently STOA that I can learn from? Because I don't have a reddit account, and I don't like making accounts to try one aspect or do one thing then forget.

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I don't know of one (maybe there is). Keep in mind that drain builds are very niche and seldom used in PvE.

The STO Builds subreddit, however, is one of this game's great resources IMVHO and well worth checking out for all aspects concerning game mechanics.


The only difference between energy types is the proc, they all do the same base damage.  If you're going for high DPS you use AP for the extra crtd but that's really the only time it matters what you use.
Yes, that 2/3% advantage of AP vs. something that has an "undesirable" proc is that innate crit severity bonus. Base damage is exactly the same across energy types.
Ok. So you guys' advice is to... go by color, or equipment set bonuses, or such like? If I started fresh on my weapons arrays, would I want CritD, CritH, or Acc modifiers? Or any combination thereof?

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All you'll event want to know about weapons [mods] and their contribution to DPS (was recently updated to reflect changes to the DMG mod). Worth a good read.

If you have no personal preferences (e.g. phasers because they look canon on fed ships) AP is the slightly superior choice.
I'm not fond of people saying "this is superior" or "obvious" choice. Can you give a valid reason why AP is "superior"?

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