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Full Version: A couple of mechanics questions
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My apologies if this has been answered; didn't turn anything up on a search. I have two questions:

1) what are the cycle times/shots per cycle of the various major weapon types?
2) very much related, do procs (like 2.5% chance to apply a debuff) have a chance to proc per shot, or per cycle? And can they proc on secondary targets?



Not sure on the first question but I believe the proc chance is per shot.
That really seems most likely to me — otherwise, you could go minutes between procs. But a fleet member who's played for quite a while insisted otherwise.

Basically, I'm trying to calculate expected procs per time interval for a couple of different combinations.
Firing cycles:

Beams: 4 shots in 4 second cycles
Turrets, Single cannons, Dual Cannons: 4 shots 2 second cycles
Dual Heavy Cannons: 2 shots in a 1 second cycle

Procs: For weapons, all innate chance-based procs are per cycle. That fleet member was correct.
So essentially, a beam weapon with a 2.5% proc can expect an average interval between procs of 160 seconds. Three beams and two turrets would run five cycles per four seconds, or one cycle per 0.8 seconds, with an average time between procs of 32 seconds.

It's difficult to understand why they bother to let them stack.

ETA: Given that setup, you have about a 47% chance at a second proc before a 20 second debuff expires. But only about a 2% chance of reaching five stacks. Assuming no firing haste.
I thought that for cannons the proc chance is actually per shot, whereas for beams the proc chance is per firing cycle, thus making cannons actually more effective for certain types of builds.

Edit: looks like this was settled, it is per cycle unless it says otherwise:
Hm, interesting. So take the Resonant Disruptor Beam Array. It states:

On hit: 2.5% chance

So this sounds like one of those exceptions. Not per shot, but any shot that actually hits the target will have the 2.5% chance.
Very interesting...but it is per cycle; regardless of what the devs say. It has been extensively tested by some players.

If they really think it should be per shot, then it's time to file a bug report...

Another thing to add on the list of "broken" items it seems.
Is the test data itself available anywhere? If it shows that the actual behavior doesn't match the intended behavior, maybe something can be done about it. It seems important, since it affects the relative value of the weapon types, and even abilities like CRF.

If the data isn't available anywhere, I'll try to get a fleet mate to do some testing with me.
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