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Full Version: Midnight rewards- Vest, and Sol Defense set
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I like the overall design, but I hate that headpiece, loopy thing.

Can it be removed?


Can't wait for the full set to be out, thinking about using it with the Butterfly set for a tetryon tank/healer build I'm working on.
(09-14-2015, 02:33 PM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]It certainly can.

   You can pick three different options, or pick none.


Excellent! I got the vest, but I haven't had time to go explore it yet. The new space sets seem to be interesting as well.
I didn't do it for the new uni I haven't tried it on on yet.
Did you get a uniform? I have done it 3 times and I get the 3 set piece for the ship but I didnt see the option for uniform?
You should have got the uniform for the first time you ran the mission. They added the iconian vest to its own drop down menu in the tailor, so when you visit the tailor and edit/create a uniform slot, look in the top right hand corner for a dropdown that should say "Uniform" until you change it

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Ah OK, I will check it out, thanks, right now I am using the fleet uniform with some adapts, I look like a Borg, lol
Not a bad episode.
I got my 3 piece set and the nanite skill is pretty good, specially when you applied to other friendly ships around you.