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Full Version: "Instruments of Armageddon" by CheRoj
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I would just like to make a little press for my latest Foundry mission, "Instruments of Armageddon."

After the destruction of Romulus, the Star Empire was split into disorganized factions, all vying for control. All wished for a return to the Empire's former glory, and everyone was willing to do anything possible. Among these groups, a ragtag band of former Tal Shiar agents teamed up with a sadistic and twisted Human defector, Dr. Hilda Isolda. Under her direction and skill, the Tal Shiar searches for an ancient relic of a powerful but long-dead race, the Kunnli. This relic of the Kunnli is rumored in legend and archeological records to be a super-weapon capable of turning the blood of every person on a planet to liquid fire. The Tal Shiar is desperate to acquire this weapon, and use it to purge the enemies of Romulus from the galaxy. Dr. Isolda will gladly murder, torture, and mutilate anyone who stands in her way. Do you have what it takes to defeat her and the Tal Shiar, and stop the weapon before the Quadrant is bathed in the flood of annihilation?

Special Credit goes to the following people for volunteering their appearances for characters of the story:
Sarah Menchaca - Dr. Hilda Isolda
Wendy Marie Wurmstein - Herself
Michael Scott Wurmstein - Himself
Gene Reynolds Wurmstein - Himself
Austin Lee Howell - Commander Gular
Lt. Andrew Schurman - Dr. Neral
Sara McNew - Kunnli Security Holograms
Alex Folkerts - Dr. O'Hinty
Dylan Parrish-Subda - Dr. Par'rish
Whitney Campbell - Dr. Mell

I look forward to hearing your feedback of this latest mission of mine. Qapla'!