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Full Version: Coalition Warships
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Now that the new lockbox is here, I have to say I am really impressed with the Year of Hell Lock Box as a whole. I only regretted opening a few of the boxes due to poor prizes. The ships in themselves are each really good.

The Krenim Imperium Warship is a DPS beast and has a versatile Bridge Officer and console layout. Very fun to fly. The Timeline Analysis console provides a great alternative to Sensor Scan in pvp for Tacs and Engineers.

The Zahl Heavy Cruiser is also a very capable ship. The boff seating and console layout allows for tank builds without losing a tactical edge. The Super-Charged Temporal Shielding console further adds to the tankiness of the ship.

See: Temporal Shielding on the Krenim Warship

But honestly I think the Year of Hell Lock Box really shines with the Nihydron destroyer. When upgraded to T5-U, the Nihydron ship gets a 5th tac console and the Destroyer package of Mastery leveling. Along with great maneuverability, this destroyer is quite capable. Add in the fact that the Nihydron ship can use both of the aforementioned Coalition ship consoles and you have quite a good ship for a consolation prize. I highly recommend anyone who flies tac ships to get one of these bad boys and upgrade it. 

And here I am analyzing the timeline.
What do you think of the Zahl's trait? I heard it blocks GDF until the trait triggers?
It does. We had a pvp match yesterday where that damn trait ruined many kills. It was pretty busted in pvp but would be clutch in PVE for sure.

In what way does it interfere with gameplay other than blocking GDF (which is already bad)?
Well its just a pain when you go to vape someone and they end up perfectly fine and immune to any damage for 8 seconds and able to have a healing bonus. If you're going up against an Eng toon in a cruiser with this trait. Odds are you will never kill him. I personally like the trait as it keeps me alive, though maybe not for tacs in pve but for anyone else its almost a must-have.
I wonder if the GDF lock-out is a bug or intentional?

Edit: found the answer to that here Arrow

So it is intentional.