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Full Version: computer seems to have died
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It looks like I'll be away for a while, every time I try to log in now I get a fatal system error message. I'm going to try to take my comp in to to be looked at tomorrow, fingers crossed its an easy and inexpensive fix, otherwise I may be away for some time, money being tight as usual.
I know how you feel. My laptop has decided it doesn't want to power on at all now. I've tried doing a hard reset with no success, so I'm having a friend look at it on Monday to see if it's something disconnected internally that can be fixed easily. If not, then I'm going to be forced to use my wife's MacBook (gag) just to be able to log on and do small things. Actual gameplay on her laptop is virtually impossible since the screen and keyboard are so small, which makes any sort of combat very difficult to manage. So here's hoping both our issues are resolved fast and cheaply.
Got computer back from techs today, they removed all the viruses and gave it an all clear for hardware. Couldn't log in still, removed and reinstalled STO and then got fatal system error message again. Tried to refresh windows, and that didn't work out at all, now techs want it back to try to reinstall windows. sigh..........
Did the wipe and reload of Windows, still can't log into STO, at a loss for what to do now.


Can't you log in at all or can you log in but only get like a black screen? If the later, try updating your graphics drivers.
I can log in now, Though I can do little aside from Doffing and R&D stuff for now. I apparently do need to update my graphics drivers, but the main problem seems to have been a bug in Windows 8.1 which has been resolved. Our modem seems to have issues as well but we should be getting a new one within the week, hopefully these things will finally resolve my problems.