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Full Version: T6 battle cruisers
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As leaked a month or two ago, updates to the Avenger, Mogai, and Mogh are being released this week.
yeah just waiting for them to post the stats and to see the specifics on the trait to see if its really worth it. but of course they posted a stupid/pointless Tales of the War today instead.

On a side note, if the trait bonuses to weapon cost and haste are below 15%, I probably won't waste my money getting it.


I'm hoping these turn out to be good.  I'm happy with the ships I've chosen for my Fed and KDF tactical officers but I'm still looking for a ship for my Romulan.


Get the KDF battle cruiser to get the trait for may main and I was pleasantly surprised.  I just through a build together with what I had laying around and topped the best DPS I've done with my Jem'Hadar Dreadnought by 2k with only the first 2 of the ships levels unlocked.  I don't even have a tac/intel or third tac officer to take full advantage of the boff seating and my DPS went up, can't wait to see what it can do with a build made for it.