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Full Version: Best weapon configuration
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I am currently a Captain(31) with a Exploration Cruiser. I would like opinions on the best weapons configuration with 4 fore weapon slots and 3 aft weapon slots.

There really isn't a "best" configuration. Some people like to go all beams. Some like to go mostly beams with 1 torpedo in the front and 1 in the back. Some like 2 torps in the front and 2 in the back. It really doesn't matter.
I'm all phaser man. I like the sound of my ship "beaming them a new one"? And torpedoes up front and mines behind. Mainly because I am constantly moving around the target when I fire. I like to damage all areas of the ship. Wink

Angel :twisted:
I like to go with 3x Beam's at the Front with a Torpedo, and then 2x Beam and Torpedo at the Aft..
I'm Flying an Advanced Escort, so i like to move fast around the target and Beam's give me a good Firing arc... And using Torpedo Spread III i can do massive damage both front and Aft while i move around..

But like a lot of people say on this game, there is no "PERFECT SETUP" just what suits how you play..
You could do a 1v1 with someone with nothing but XII and M.A.C.O and you could win, it all depends how you play and fight...

Think how you go into battle are you a "Straight for the kill..." kinda person? or do you like to make the target confused and try and take them at all angles.

If none of this help's Smile just ask in STO Chat.. and we will help Smile