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Full Version: Characters
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I noticed during the last fleet event most of your characters were do more than just standing there in the lounge. Is this some type of key binding or something else.
You mean like dancing and such? Those are emotes. If you click on the arrow in the chat box there is an option for them. You can also type /e and then the emote. For example, /e dance and then a list of dance emotes will appear and you can choose one.
OK, I was wondering how everyone was doing this. Thanks
lol i didn't know this Smile

you learn something new every day Smile
ChrisHerr Wrote:I just wish we could make macro buttons for them.

You can... well at least I can lol All i did was record all the keys necessary for an emote and made sure that it recorded the delay between each key. I tested it with /e wave and it worked perfectly after a few tries.