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I'm considering to make 1 month subscription but I have 2 questions:
1) Are Captain Retrain Tokens given every rank until 60 or until 50?
2) According to archgame site, bonus inventory slots and bonus bank slots, are added when you level up. But I have a lvl 60 toon, so is he excluded?
1) just to 50, IIRC
2) your interpretation is correct. New character bank and inventory slots only apply to leveling toons, so it's best to level 1 or 2 or more up during the subscribed period

That said, I'm still going to go for it if and when the game starts running smoothly for me. Just the stipend and account bank make it worth it. And I'm keeping 2 toons low level just for when that moment arises.
The best thing about the subscription (and if you don't do it, the only thing you should definitely buy), is the energy credit cap which increases to a pretty much unobtainable amount of credits lmao. Before sub/required purchase you are limited to 10million, which can and will catch you out if you don't get it.
But that doesn't persist past the sub if you don't purchase it independently, am I right?... Whereas the storage space does.
That's correct, it is definitely worth the purchase. I was caught out that way before I became LTS. I had a good subscription, returned to silver, then bought the lifer. During that time I purchased the cap increase. Definitely a life saver
EC cap increase has been far and away my most useful Zen purchase, as well.

And, about 500m being 'unattainable,' well, I have to my spending under control, but we'll see about that! lol
The cap is 10 billion after the purchase lol
Oh, where did I get that much smaller number from?
And, by the way, I'm picking my gauntlet up off the floor and walking away whistling now.

Did I say something about chasing the cap? No. That must've been someone else.


Btw, Captain Retrain Tokens are handed out until level 60 (one at level 55 and then again at level 60). However, you don't get those retroactively. So, if you are already at level 60 before you subscribe, well, then you are attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis (aka screwed).
Thanks guys, I already have unlocked EC cap so this is not relevant for me, slots are useful but not worth the price per se, due to the fact that 1 of my 3 toons has already purchased some bank slots expansion, and the second one is already 60.
Anyway I have a 58 and 51 toon, both need respec, so 14 euros for 1 (at 60) + 2 (at 55 and 60) tokens could be a good investment.

TP, are you sure about retrain tokens at 55 an 60? Probably sto.gamepedia isn't updated but it says that retrain tokens are granted until 50 (only to be sure before subscribe).
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