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I posted this topic in my weekly blog, but decided to post it here as well in the hopes of building up a good discussion about it.

Clearly Specializations are supposed to be a grind-fest, which is fine. In some way it keeps the game interesting... sort of... I guess. At least it gives us something to do. Still, I can't help but wonder if there's a better way of earning Specialization Points a little faster and easier. 

I'm really curious to hear what everyone else is doing to earn these Specializations points. Personally I've been running Duty Officer assignments as often as possible as well as the Argala System Patrol. Although over the weekend I switched over to running Cold Comfort as often as possible. As far as I can tell, it's the quickest episode to award 2709 Skill Points, which seems to be the maximum Skill Points for episodes at level 60. 

The problem is that it takes about 60 episodes to earn a new Spec Point, not including Skill Points earned from Duty Officer assignments or defeating enemies. So in reality it's less than 60, but no matter what that's still a lot. I'm earning one Spec Point every few days. 

Maybe this is the best method? Maybe there are other methods? How do you earn your Spec Points?
I usually run a circle of Argala > TW to Azure Sector > Japori > Acamar > Carraya then repeat as needed. It gives me around 12-14K skill points based on the enemies encountered in Argala (Hirogen give the least and Kazon give the most it seems). It's pretty quick and I can do a cycle in under 30 minutes which is just enough time for the timers to reset on transwarps as needed. Sometimes I throw in an Assimilation deep space encounter with the Borg in Delta Quadrant if they're up as well, they also give good XP (about 3K) with little work. Also throw in the Tholian Red Alerts when you're in Azure sector as they're worth about 4K. 

Sadly doffing just doesn't cut it for me, especially after the recent nerfs. I'm hoping the promised "solution to spec grind" comes along sooner rather than later because I've only got one tree filled on Beardy and about 8 points leftover, and am nowhere near even 1/3 of a tree on any of my other characters. 
There really is no quick way unfortunately.  The developers have ensured that to this point making sure to shut down anything that makes it faster than a snail paced grind.  Like Beardy said running the system patrols and adding in the red alerts is about as fast as you can go.  Running episodes, especially as replays, is probably the slowest way.  I also mix in advanced and elite queues.  Although that may not be as fast as running patrols, I have to break up the monotony of running patrols over and over.  Finding the right doff missions and getting crits on them is helpful of course but that alone is a pretty slow progression too.
Any thoughts on Foundry missions for this? I know there's at least one per faction that takes no time at all time complete.
I believe there is a daily cap on xp from the foundry, so it's not really an option for grinding.


(05-19-2015, 04:04 AM)martinison Wrote: [ -> ]I believe there is a daily cap on xp from the foundry, so it's not really an option for grinding.
Yeah, back when the 30 minute CD on Patrols was introduced, I tried to set up a Foundry mission as a bypass. KG and I tested that and it didn't help at all.
Booooo you'd think they would make Foundry missions have decent rewards. I guess the dilithium is worth it.

Back to doffs for a moment, I'm finding them worth it, at least for someone like me who can't play all day. If you can get a bunch that reward 100+ sp its a nice little supplement to running the patrols.


Hm... DOFFs.... I have one rare Consultant on Active Duty that boosts Skill Points. I wonder, if one can slot more than one of them.
Don't think so. They are one at a time.
I always forget about the xp boosting doffs.  Any idea how much of a boost you get having one slotted?

If your time is limited I would make the Tholian Red Alert a top priority.  I usually get between 10-20k points out of that and its very fast.  Unfortunately as with the patrols you can only run it once every 30 minutes.
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