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Full Version: Removal of Lohlunat Pearls and changes to seasonal events
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Looks like Cryptic is nerfing the hoarding of seasonal rep items coming up:

This is really a cash grab in disguise and I'm pretty disappointed.


(05-13-2015, 09:34 PM)robonixon Wrote: [ -> ]Looks like Cryptic is nerfing the hoarding of seasonal rep items coming up:

This is really a cash grab in disguise and I'm pretty disappointed.
I totally agree. Even more disappointing is the removal of the Risian Corvette and the Luxury Cruiser. I haven't used them, so no loss for me, but still annoying.
Yeah, not only are they negating the hard work some of us put in last year so that we wouldn't have to grind so hard this year, but they are removing the Risian ships so that new characters like Delta recruits won't have access to them. This also means I'll probably never get the Breen ships. I was just hoping this winter I'd have a better computer so I could do the ice race, guess now I don't have to worry about it.

This really pisses me off and makes me consider boycotting all subsequent events. Unless this new ship has a Pilot AND an Intel Seat (no Command bullshit seat) and an awesome trait, I just don't see the point. Its just their way of forcing us to do their prescribed content and to stop us from slowly grinding spec points.


I just hope, I can get use my stock of 920 Lohlunat Pearls to get 4 Specialisation Pack packs.
One theory is they will reintroduce the ships as t6 variants as with the Sarr Theln but even that is bogus to me. Making me regrind for the same ship to add a trait is unwelcome at best and antagonistic at worst. Also this is going to screw everyone who can't finish an event due to IRL issues because you can't stockpile the tokens any more and turn them in next year. They also confirmed all other seasonals will be converted to this including Mirror and CC.
Yeah that is beyond messed up. They are trying to force us to play their content. The impact will be we will only play it until we get the ship and then abandon the whole map or event. There is no motivation to stay on Risa once you have the ship.
I have 1000 Pearls on my main from last year, so 5 Spec Points for her (Woot.)  But I was looking forward to getting the old ships on my 2nd account this year, guess that's not happening now.
Never underestimate the cruelty of Cryptic.  I spent the last two years grinding every day of those events so I wouldn't have to grind this year.  They did at least give us some decent things to turn them in for, but I'll just say it'll have to be one HELL of a ship to get me to go back and grind those zones after this.
I haven't bothered doing the Risa event since they started it, and since the map changes to Risa, have only been down there twice to look around.  Therefore, I have no problem continuing to blatantly ignore all future Risa events, and probably this year's winter event as well. I already have enough grinding to do, and if I want to play in snow I'll just go outside.
I don't have any left over so that doesn't really bither me, although I can see it does piss some people off. The ships being retired does as I missed last years event as was hoping to get that ship this year
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