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Full Version: Black Screen at Captain Select
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anyone else having this damn problem?

I can hear music but not anything else
this is even running as admin and safe mode

this makes me sick
Try force verifying the files, this can fix many an issue
I've run into a lot of issues lately like this.  There have been a lot of network issues effecting all of the Cryptic titles.  If after force verifying you are still having problems it is probably because of the network issues which they've been working for weeks to figure out (it isn't on their server, it's something going on in between the server and the ISP's which makes it a much trickier issue to solve).
Also to cover all bases you may want to try launcing in safe mode as well to see if you can duplicate the issue


Unfortunately I think this is going to be the norm till they get the netcode fixed.  Most of the problems that have come up since the addition of the Iconian War are a result of STO running on a really old server that can't handle the netcode that went in with the update.  The biggest problem is they keep pushing ahead adding new ships and abilities while they are still trying to find a fix and it's making it worse, if you have a power build with one of the new pilot ships the game can be almost unplayable when all your buffs stack.  If they don't get it fixed before to much more is added we're going to start crashing the server.
I saw Biba mention in chat that he was having the DX11 problem.  Despite trying to switch to DX9 he found that his only solution to get in and play was to start in safe mode, then once in change the video settings to his liking.