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Full Version: U.S.S. "Giggity", Icarus DPS build
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Wow, this ship is so much fun... and nasty. Lining up targets for the DBB's with Pedal to the Metal at full stack, then using burners to rocket backwards for a second strafe... truly a good time!

The universal officer slot can be easily filled by an engineer boff with ET1 and DEM1 if you want a little more healing, but so far this thing can take a beating.
As always, a few notes:
I bounce between GW1 and Destab Resonance for that Lt Cdr sci slot, both are good on this build.
Kemocite makes this build a space party, but really isn't worth the going rate on the exchange if you don't already have it.
I like the Delta 2-set for survivability, but almost any other shield and deflector combo can be dropped in there to fit your needs.
The mark of the gear is more important than the rarity. Nothing on this build requires epic rarity to achieve good results.