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Full Version: Star Trek found the perfect way to piss off Star Wars fans
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If you love Star Wars equally or more to Star Trek, I advise you to not see this video.
However, if you think that Star Trek is way better than Star Wars, well, then start the video and have a blast.

Well I like them both for different reasons, but I love stuff like this. Mostly because I find it funny when people get their panties in a bind when they feel someone has slighted their preferred nerdism.  Lmao let the binding begin.
I seen this last night, hilarious
I love it!!
luke uses the fourth to put a laser in the death ball's hole... boom! so long, death ball. they won! outstanding.

i'm dying... hahaha


who says pointy-eared bastards aren't funny????
Speaking of Star Trek vs Star Wars, this is absolutely hilarious!!!
(08-10-2015, 07:17 PM)aaaict Wrote: [ -> ]Speaking of Star Trek vs Star Wars, this is absolutely hilarious!!!

Haha! that was brilliant!
HAHA! I'm catching up on older posts - this was hilarious! SensOHRs indicate that this has a 96.4% chance of being a clone of Honest Trailers. Tongue