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Full Version: Fixed mods for Lobi items
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From a thread on Reddit:

Space Gear
Consoles- No Modifiers when upgrading
Mine - Corrosive Plasma Blast Mine Launcher [dmg] [ac/dm]
Torp - Corrosive Plasma Torpedo launcher [dmg] [ac/dm]
Cannon - Heavy Crescent Wave Cannon [crth] [ac/dm]
Torp - Elachi Subspace Torpedo Launcher [crtd] [ac/dm]
Mine - Concentrated Tachyon Mine [dmg]x2 [ac/dm]
Torp - Rapid Fire Missile Launcher [acc]x2 [ac/dm]
Cannon - Long range Destabilized Tetryon Heavy Cannon [acc] [ac/dm]
Mine - Tethered Quantum Mine Launcher [crth] [ac/dm]
Beam - Chroniton Dual Beam Array [crth] [dmg] [ac/dm]
Torp - Temporal Disruption Device [crth] [ac/dm]
Ground Gear
EV - Solanae Sentinel EV Suit [per] [HP/Res]
EV - Solanae Paladin EV Suid [per] [HP/Res]
Weapon - Relativity Stasis Pistol [CrtX] [dm/CrH]
Weapon - Relativity Self Targetting rifle [CrtX [Dm/CrH]
Weapon - Fluidic AP Wrist Lance [dmg] [Nothing (Bug?)]
Armor - Undine Biotech Battle Armor [Tox] [HP/Res]
Weapon - Elachi Crescent Cannon Pistol [Dot3] [Dm/CrH]
Armor - Hirogen Enhanced Battle Armor [phys] [Hp/Res]
Weapon - Jem'Hadar Assault Wide Area Minigun [dmg] [Nothing (Bug?)]
Weapon - Tholian Crystaline Sword [dmg] [dm/CrH]
Weapon - Voth Antiproton Shocktrooper Cannon [RT3] [Dm/Crh]
Weapon - Ferengi Energy Whip [CrtH] [Dm/CrH]


Sticking thread for future reference.
Useful thanks!