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Full Version: Critique this build please
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I just saved this build any help getting it over 10k would be greatly appreciated.


Don't know a ton about Intel builds but I do know that if you want max DPS out of it you want to use surgical strikes.  With this ship you can do an A2B build and take SS3, omega1, BFAW2 and TT1.  Personally I like AP for the extra crit or disruptor for the debuff on DPS builds but with the right boff abilities and console you can get 10k out of anything.
LOL I sent you a ingame email with my observations. I just went to the link you posted in fleet chat
Since you're going all beams and FAW, I'd swap out those Vulnerability Exploiters for Locators, since you'll be hitting something almost all the time.

Also, dunno if Kinetic Magnet is that effective without having at least some torps. I might switch it out with OSS or Intel Team or something..

I'd also load on the Kinetic Cutting Beam, especially as you've already got the Assimilated Module.

I'd look at using some fleet engi consoles or universals in the engineering spots for the extra goodness, but am not familiar with flying escorts.

On my phone right now, so these are just first thoughts without doing too much research. It looks like some things are missing, too, like a science skill and a universal seat.

Also, please include your Active DOffs and BOff space traits, as well as your power levels in your description, as these are quite important.

Finally, it looks fun to fly!