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Full Version: Double dil Weekend Starts
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OK Double dil starts tomorrow, so here a few tips:

1. If you have [Dilithium Mining Claim] pick up the mission today. Don't do it and tomorrow you can do it 2 times one after another for 20k dil

2. Beofre you log off for the day make sure to pick up doff mission that reward dil. You can usually find them in Engineering and Tactical area

3. Also if your gonna mine pick up the reg mining and you will be able to do that 2 times as well

4. Make sure to start a turn in conttaband

If you have any yourself feel free to post here 
Good tips! I love the one on claims and mining mission double-up. This applies to a lot of daily dil missions such as Traelus and the KDF marauding missions also.