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Full Version: More Broken Things!
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Picard Facepalm Picard Facepalm , The devs keep making the same mistakes.  They continue to push out content before it is ready for release.  Although, I can't be entirely sure that it is the devs setting the release dates on this content or if Perfect World is pulling the strings here.

I know I may be coming off as complaining right now and I guess I kind of am complaining but I think we deserve a little better from our game.  The track record of this company isn't the greatest and I love the Star Trek IP but we need some change.  Not posturing change like we saw last time where a few people were fired but actually mitigating errors and bugs in game.  In the video I have linked, I talk further about some of the issues I have experienced since this new season and new sector map has been put in place.  I wonder what other issues people have been experiencing besides what I have brought here.

I couldn't agree with you more. It's almost as if what we do on Tribble test is a waste of time.