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Full Version: Fires' Ha'Feh
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As you said, you're still working on it... That said, I'm curious why the cannon? It's taking up a weapon slot and two tac boff slots that could be attack patterns or something... It might be more helpful to get feedback once you have it more sorted, but that's my first thought.


It's a work in progress alright. Like Puck said, the Cannon seems like a waste. Also, you are you using Dispersal Pattern Beta when there are no Mines equipped?
thanks for the comments guys, it is a work in progress, and there are a couple default items that were in the Boffs sections that i will be changing IE the DPB. and the reason for the cannon i was hoping that with the beams they could take out the sheild and the cannons could take the hull. but i see your point on the waiste.
Running 1 tac team is ok if you have 2 purp conn officers that reduce TT CD down to the GCD,another advantage is that they will give a buff to Attack patterns. If not you should always run 2 TT's
I haven't done this, but, if I were going for a strategy of stripping shields and then doing damage with a different weapon type to the hull, I'd do that split as beams/torps insteads of beams/cannons. You can slot one TS and one HY and then you have a lot of options in terms of torpedoes depending on your taste. I'd also maybe go with tetryon beams, to further speed the shield removal process. TP, I think, is fond of tetryons and might have some specific tips there.

Also, Kenthend, I know this is a tangent, do you know if there somewhere can you get those TT cooldown DOffs other than Elachi lockboxes (or the exchange, on which all the ones I've found are quite pricey - also suggesting they only come from lockboxes)?


With the Ha'Feh weapons layout you want to focus on a forward facing build. For the stratigy you want I'd switch to antiproton dual beam banks and swap the cannon out for the crystalline torpedo fore and 2 AP turrets and the kinetic cutting beam aft.  As longs as you keep the enemy in the dual beams arc all of your weapons will be able to hit them and dual beams do more damage than beam arrays.  Plus the crystalline torpedo is also AP based so you can go with all AP tac consoles.

If you don't have the crystalline torpedo go with what ever energy type you want but I would still recommend going with a forward facing build on this ship.
This may be an unpopular opinion but I would stick with all cannons here personally (and maybe one appropriate torp fore) instead of beams. The Ha'Feh has a good layout for cannons and a nice turn rate to make it viable.
In the interest of clarity, I only suggested beams because (a) you have more of them presently and (b) I don't have much experience with cannons.

That said, going with cannons and torps or all cannons may be pretty dope, too... but I would just stay away from splitting between cannons and beams...

Given what eaglescoutdbj said about it being a good forward-facing ship, and, as it is fairly maneuverable, I'd be inclined to go with Beardy's suggestion about going all cannons... I'd also lean that way because I haven't messed with cannon builds and it would be a learning experience, lol
CSV, CRF, and APO make a great combo.
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