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Full Version: The BuildTheEnterprise (BTE) website
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Here is a website that is trying to build the real USS ENTERPRISE over the next 20 years!

this about is from the website:

The BuildTheEnterprise (BTE) website describes how to build the first USS Enterprise spaceship, based on technologies within our reach, over the next twenty years. You read that right. It’s possible for the United States of America to build the first generation of USS Enterprise given the national will to do so. But before digging into how to design and build this ship, you may first want to consider Our Space Problem and how this leads to Visions of Enterprise.
I was just reading an article today that featured commentary from Peter Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal, about his assessment of the current state of technology outside of computers, and he said something along the lines of our development as being stagnant, if not abysmal. It is a sad global state of corrupt politics that divides people between political parties, a do-nothing culture in which more and more people take so much for granted, and twisted economics based on debt and socialism that favor the few rather than honest money and a true free market that favors the many.

I really like the idea of them making a core part of Star Trek into reality. It's ambitious, optimistic, and, at present, unrealistic to say the least. 20 years to build the Enterprise? Far too soon. Society is never so easily prepared for the future as we'd like to imagine it. I think it can happen eventually if we survive that long as a species, but they should think smaller. Somewhere along the lines of the NX-01 from Enterprise. Once we have a United Earth, and vast resources from here and other worlds at our disposal, then maybe we could think of bringing Matt Jefferies' classic design to life.
This site is interesting so far, haven't read that much on it yet but you can pretty safely say that when we do develop an interplanetary ship it will most likely be named Enterprise. If the funding could be found I feel we could do this in my lifetime. And imagine if you could be one of the crew members. Would be worth almost anything to be part of interplanetary exploration/settlement
We, as a species, have a LONG way to go to reach the level where we are ready and willing to explore the stars and contact other civilizations. In Dr. Michio Kaku's recent bestseller Physics of the Future he mentions how the scientific community grades civilizations based on a number of criteria including their power production and technological capabilities. Suffice to say that Humans are still in a fledgling state. Speaking from my own narrow-minded "stupid American" perspective, the potential is there to build and crew a starship, but the desire is not there. Greed is cemented as the major driving force in our lives. The pursuit of knowledge and understanding has been replaced by the pursuit of material wealth.

Can we BuildtheEnterprise? Sure. Will we build it? Not unless you can make money doing it. Sadly, I am neither genius scientist or brilliant engineer so even if the Enterprise is built, I will never serve on her crew. As much as the Space Shuttle program made space flight more accessible it still remains the province of the extraordinarily well educated and gifted intellectuals. All I can hope for is to see it launch, and dream with the rest of the world.
greasemonkey98 Wrote:As much as the Space Shuttle program made space flight more accessible it still remains the province of the extraordinarily well educated and gifted intellectuals.

Not really, first astronauts were a Dog and a Monkey Big Grin

And yes before we built the enterprise we need to build a better way to live on this planet.
The thing I find fascinating about the BuildTheEnterprise project is that it assumes, probably correctly, that the job will have to be done by "private enterprise" (actually by a bunch of VERY rich guys with more money than they know what to do with) because it's "too big for the government to be able to do." This was a recurring theme of science fiction novels and movies back in the days before the Space Race made space travel a major priority for the American and Soviet Governments.

The words quoted above are from the movie "When Worlds Collide." I remember thinking at the time that it was rather silly because the government was actually larger than any conceivable combination of private companies. Now that we've had five or six decades of watching all the wealth of the world find its way into the hands of a handful of super-rich multi-billionaires and of increasing demands for government services that common people used to be able to afford to do for themselves, the fantasy of the Fifties has become the reality of the Twenty-First Century. Without the Space Race, there is no longer a political incentive for Government to engage in expensive space projects. The only people with the disposable income, and the will, to do it are the super-rich, and I hope they succeed.

Ever since the Space Race ended, I have been afraid our space program would go the way of Lief Ericson's exploration of North America ("I came, I saw, I got bored and went home.") Projects like BuildTheEnterprise and Richard Branson's Virgin Spaceways may be our best hope for continuing progress in the exploration of space.
Think about it.... we do not have drydocks for space vessels. We also can't hit lightspeed. Finally, even if private investors were to build the Enterprise, what exactly would they do with it? They're never gonna do it unless they have help from either NASA or Richard Branson. However, they won't get help from either because:
  • NASA would say its not of immediate benefit ti the U.S gov't
  • Branson is having his own issues with Virgin Spaceways
  • Who else is there? Russia?
Xakthul I think you miss the entire point of the website. Its not saying we can do it now or that we can build a perfect replica of the enterprise in all ways. Its saying we should be reaching out and exploring the galaxy and this is one awesome way it could be done.