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Full Version: Just wondering
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Is it just me or was the pre-patch for this season a complete failure "pre-patch was a little over 6 gigs" which it did numerous times  now the day of launch what am i doing 6 gig's of patching. 

Turned on demand patching on its still 4 gigs the whole game is like 12 something just doesn't add up, if i didn't pre-patch what was it then?

Little confused  Confused
I had the same thing, and then when I just logged out of the game i got another 500mb patch  consisting of who knows what. lol 
Yeah, same thing here.  Who knows though.  The total patch may have been 12 gigs.  They may very well have had every game file reload as there could have been changes affecting pretty much everything.


ok thx started to thinking it was all a nightmare, but its true Smilehat ever they are doing i hope they plan on filling us in on it not a fan of getting downloads i dont know whats in it 
LOL Lerch, I thought the same thing. WTH did I do the pre patch for if I just had to patch anyway lol
It's always like this. Welcome to STO lol

My guess is that it is copying the prepatched files to the correct locations on your computer and downloading any new/updates files.


Yes prepatch isnt new but before i dont recall it not doing anything to lower the patch size. The whole purpose of the prepatch is to decrease the patch ammount on the day of the patch  so you are not hit with such a huge file all at once.
Yeah but I don't remember it ever doing that lol