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Full Version: Fleet Avenger T5U- DPS build
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Hi guys, 
  This is (hopefully) my final draft build, which is why I am asking for you all to have a look over at this. I have completely redone the powers and abilities. Please refer to the notes section, in which I have put the thoughts that went into this build, the BOFFS and DOFFS used. A look at the ground section would also be greatly appreciated, which I will be using for IHE.

Thanks in advanced.

At a first glance, well, it's really different than anything I've considered... pretty neat idea. Anyways, First thought was that you should definitely get two (three, if possible?) of those Fleet Embassy SRO BOffs for your Tactical seats.

I'm also not sure why all the omnis in the back. If everything else is cannons, why not run a couple of turrets back there? And, if you keep the omnis, you may be able to drop the lower-level cannon rapid fire and pick up a BFAW. Adding an Active Space DOff (you can buy at a T3 Fleet Spire) would allow you to throw in one more of those Energy Weapons cats and still probably be able to chain the skills.

Otherwise, working on an engineer right now myself, I'm interested to hear what other folks say...
Avenger is better suited to beams than cannons due to its turn rate (not quite cannon-y but close) and its boff seats. You can stick with DBBs and omnis, or go full broadside and have success. I can post one of mine with each when I get home from work.
Thanks for the input guys, and I have considered your suggestions. 

Puck-  Thanks, I will definitely get the fleet doffs- just need to get together the dil for fleet credits which will take some time. I use the omnis because they actually do far more DPS than the fleet turrets that I was using ( i.e. roughly 100 more) and the ancient set gives my +10 antiproton damage. Will think about BFAW, but first will see if CRF 1 is any good.

Robonixon- thanks for your suggestion, but the whole point of this build was for it to be a 'durable escort', including having cannons. With 5 forward weapons slots it has enough forward firing damage, and the main challenge was getting a high turn rate like an escort. This has been achieved through using the +turn modifiers on the neutronium alloys, the delta rep space ability, powers, and specializations. This gives me a turn rate of 23.6, which is better than many escorts, and is 2.5 times the base TR of 9. I can even get it to 26 when i use the cruiser commands. The problem with beams is that I found the to be too slow to kill enemies, and I like the "rapid feel" of cannon escorts. 

thanks and more suggestions are welcome!

Your turn rate would be better if you dropped a fleet Neut for something like Tachyokinetic Converter from the Lobi store. Three armor consoles is overkill as you hit diminishing returns on them, and as an Eng captain you shouldn't probably need that much armor. That being said if you are dead-set on cannons I wish you luck. Have you considered using a different space set? AMACO boosts torpedoes and aux power, you might be better served using the Solanae or Dyson sets to tank for example, or use Nukara deflector/shields with Romulan engines for more damage potential. Also I didn't get a chance to post those builds last night but will try to tonight.
Thanks for the advice again, the Nukara deflector looks nice, and the shield looks decent so i will look into replacing my deflector.I will eventually drop one of the neutroniums, your right when you say that it is overkill. I am just waiting for the iconic rep to see if they are any nice consoles, or saving up for one on the exchange ( 40 mil for plasmonic leech) or one from the lobi store. However I think that the dyson regen shields have a far too low capacity ( 4k), would this still tank well? 
One of them (Dyson or Solanae) has structural integrity leech as a set bonus which is a great tank passive. There is also the metaphasic shielding power in the set also. I think it is Solanae.

Edit: I checked on STOWiki and Dyson shields have the power which can restore a depleted facing on hit, while Solanae has the integrity leech for a 3pc set bonus and the metaphasic shielding for a 4pc set bonus. So, if you want more hull tanking them go for 3pc Solanae with a core of your choosing while the Dyson shields themselves may be worth using, possibly in conjunction with assimilated set 2pc bonus for hull heal as well. Honestly you have a lot of options here and if you want purely the best shields for any situation then a fleet set is probably recommended.
Here's what I have used in the past with my Avenger. Add on the Plasmonic Leech as I didn't want to reset the whole build when I bumped it to T5U. Fun fact: this uses only two consoles which improve turn rate but I hit 27 turn rate in space combat pre-buffs, and I have 50% resist to Pla/Tet/Pol/AP and 43% to Pha/Dis. (this one has out of date gear)