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Full Version: Tom Paris Reporting For Duty!
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So happy with this!

Where is Admiral Riker when you need him though!?!?


"Rising (and falling) through the ranks"

I wonder, how such an Officer still gets a Command of his own.
Obviously he bucked up his ideas lol


(04-16-2015, 04:53 PM)Jstagg Wrote: [ -> ]Obviously he bucked up his ideas lol
I wonder, if one of them was to have his daughter serving as his Chief of Security....
Unless he's on the U.S.S. Kirk then I doubt it Wink


(04-16-2015, 09:58 PM)Jstagg Wrote: [ -> ]Unless he's on the U.S.S. Kirk then I doubt it Wink
Not saying it actually happened. Just wondering, if he pondered the idea. Wink


Well Harry Kim got his own command, nice enough character but not exactly a leadership personality.

The more they import from the series (anyone even the one I just hated) the better, as long as it merged into the game thoughtfully.
Looking forwards to this! Nice to have these familiar voices coming back Smile

In the novel-verse timeline, Paris changed substantially after his return to the Alpha Quadrant and is a much more "stable" character. He is now Voyager's first officer (as of 2382). The same change in character might have happened in the STO timeline and led him to his own command.
Can't wait for this! If he's a captain now then his character must have changed... Be interesting to see how Cryptic try to reflect his new rank without taking away the Tom that we knew from Voyager. 




The idea of someone who spent time in a Fed prison making it to the rank of captain seems a little far fetched, no matter how distinguished that persons career is.  It's cool to see more characters from the shows show up, even if all of them being from Voyager is a little annoying, but what we know about the character needs to be taken into account when writing them.