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Full Version: A2b scimitar build
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This is my a2b scimitar. Perhaps there is someone who want advice for DPS scimitar build. However, if someone have think that this build is not that good, I looking forward to get your advice.

Thank you Borg
Just some quick comments based on a first glance:

With A2B there is no reason to double-up on any ability (except A2B itself) since all abilities are on global anyway with A2B.

However, A2B is a sub-optimal solution that may be required to "pull" dps out of ships that lack TAC Boff seats. The Scimitar does not suffer from that problem, and therefore A2B is not recommendable in your case. Top DPS ships do not run A2B. With the Scimi's tac seats you should not have an issue in doubling-up on FAW, TT and 2 attack patterns.

Rule of thumb: if you have 4/5 Tac Seats...forget A2B.

Just my 2 cents.
I would agree with that as well, you can derive more damage out of a nonA2B build because you can get additional damage based on power levels with an AMP core and the Nukara Aux trait among other things.

You should also consider dropping your armor and Shield Absorptive Frequency Generator, moving uni consoles to Engineering, and then adding the Fleet Embassy Science consoles with +Pla for more damage. Finally use the Nukara deflector and shield for another damage boost. You may get more damage out of using the Experimental Romulan Beam Array due to the set bonus instead of one of your other plasma beams (but if they are all actually CrtDx3 this may not be better).
Non A2b build? that's interesting. I never thought about it.


If all you want is DPS I'd go with something like this.  One of the tac slots is wasted on a 3rd tac team but there's nothing that you need for DPS to replace it.  You can change out DEM and E2W for more heals if you need them but you need DEM and E2W for max DPS.  Crtdx3 might be higher DPS but I like having Pen and if you upgrade to UR or Epic you can get both.