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Full Version: My Samsar Build Needs Help
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Here is the link for the build it needs a lot of help. This isn't my main but I use it to craft with since he's up to 18 on all skills. All help would be appreciated to get the DPS up on this one.
As I mentioned in chat, you would be much better off converting all your weapons to beam arrays so that you could gain broadside firepower. The Samsar is a great tank and decently maneuverable, but your mix of torpedoes, DBBs, and beam arrays is very inefficient from a damage perspective. Stick with one damage type as well, so that all your tac consoles can buff the same damage type. If you like phasers, then you can keep the CounterCommand Tac Relay and get another Fleet Vulnerability Locator with Phaser damage. Having 3 RCS consoles is probably overkill also, as they offer diminishing returns both in terms of turn rate and damage reduction.

For Boff skills I would swap out your EPtS2 for EPtW2, your THY1 for BFAW1, Sci Team and Hazard Emitters for your Tachyon Beam and Jam Sensors, and Grav Well for Energy Siphon. I'm not a huge fan of Suppression Barrage so you may consider switching that for Emergency Artillery. Similarly I'd probably ditch Aceton Beam for Aux to SIF3 for damage reduction, or maybe move your DEM2 into DEM3 and get Aux to SIF2. 

Space rep - ditch the Omega Kinetic Shearing since you should ditch your torps, and get Omega Graviton Amplifier instead. Particle Manipulator may also not be useful unless you swap the Boff skills as I suggested, but can be powerful. You can also get science consoles with  PartGens from the Fleet Embassy, which I would recommend for that trait as it becomes much more powerful.