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Full Version: Recently Returned
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Hello Everyone,
I have recently returned from a two year absence I have been trying my best to catch up but I am finding  that even back when I was playing regularly I didn't know what I was doing. Now that I have the resource that is you fine folks I thought now would be the time to learn how to really play and be the best Escort Captain I can be.

Here is a link to my ship and current build, please offer any advice and criticism you see fit.

Finally I have some specific questions:
1) Can an escort live up to its DPS potential without torpedo launchers?

2) Given the drain on my ships energy with three DHCs in the front would I be better off using two DHCs and two launchers in the front?

3) In looking at the "Starship Skill Point Effects" table by Amicus for the skill "Warp Core Potential" there is no (or negligible gain) from rank 6 and above so it is pointless to go beyond rank 6?

4) In looking at the "Starship Skill Point Effects" table by Amicus for the "Impulse Thrusters" skill it shows a .1 deg/sec jump in turn rate as you incease from rank 6. Does the game mechanic take the decimal value into account when determining turn rate or just whole numbers? So stopping at rank 6 for 14.1 deg/sec boost?

5) I have read that the skill "Flow Capacitors" effects polaron weapon procs. does it also effect other weapon types such as plasma and romulan plasma?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you in advance for any help you offer


Couple things have changed you might want to look into Double beam banks, They changed the machanics of beam over load, which makes DBB's quite deadly, as far as your build I personally don't try to grade people, use what works for you. Another good thing Dbb's bring to the table is a wider firing arc then hvy cannons
Hi GallowsGhost,
  Things have certainly changed a lot in the last 2 years. The most important is that gear can now be upgraded to mk 14 with a 'epic" rarity. This unfortunately makes mk 12 gear obsolete, especially in PVP. I hope that these suggestions will be helpful.

1)- Gear- I would continue to use 3 DHC's, they do drain power, but that can be easily rectified using powers which I will go into later in more detail. On the back, put in the ancient omni-directional AP beam array from  Sphere of Influence and the sub. rift warp core. together they provide a set bonus which increases AP damage. I would then try to get a space set from the rep store- ( it will require some work to get though) fr your shields, warp core and engine.

For your consoles, I would try to get some new ones from the fleet store. Specifically the enhanced neutrinos armor and the vulnerability consoles.

2- powers- I don't know if it is a bug in the skill planner, but all your powers are doubled.This means that they will share a cooldown and so will be of less use. I would replace the engineering powers with EPTW which will solve the weapons power issues, and engineering team for hull repairs. For science, I would put HE 1 and SCI team 2 for shield heals. Finally for TAC powers, I will replace one of the THY with torp spread. 

Hope this will help,

If you want to read up on energy types and what affects their procs, check out this post I made a while ago.

You can absolutely do a ton of damage in an Escort without torps, it all depends on your gear, skills, and boff layout. Currently the DPS leaders are beam cruiser boats using BFAW like crazy. That being said, cannons are a lot of fun and part of the reason to fly escorts.

For your skills, you've got a lot of 'wasted' points in the sense that your boosts past 6 points of investment are negligible (and even past 3 in some cases!). I've got a sample skill build here that is a bit more balanced: You want to max your Tac skills but selectively max very little else, depending on your playstyle. Your gear will make up the difference.

If you go to that energy types link above, you'll note that if you want to stick with AP damage you might want to get the Obelisk core and Ancient Omni AP beam from the Sphere of Influence storyline mission.  This would give you a significant boost to your AP damage, and allow you to use Beam Overload along with your cannon skills. Accordingly, I would probably change up your boffs a bit to take advantage of that.
Thank you all so much for the advice.

As far as anti-proton, I am not really stuck on it. I was thinking of going disruptor or romulan plasma.

I will take a look at the build.

Thanks again