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Full Version: Dyson Ships
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Is the Dyson ship bundle worth getting? Huh  9 ships for 100 bucks seems like a good deal but I do not see a lot of dyson ships out there....what do you think?

Thanks Borg
I think it's true that their use has diminished, and to be fair, unless you are planning to use at least a third of them, I don't think it's gonna be worth it.

Personally, they aren't my cup of tea, and after the third anniversary when they came out, it was the Dyson ship that came as part of the event that was and is more regularly used. I think they were also pretty much trumped by the vesta classes that came out, and various other ships that of course, have been made over the past 2 years (WOW, it's hard to think that that was 2 years ago now!).

So yeah, it all depends. Same goes with the kumari Andorian escorts they brought out too, all in that same sort of band


Hmmm I do have 9 characters now I was planning on spreading them out over 8 of them as they level. I was going to get the command battle cruiser bundle but its not available any-more sadly. Cryptic is making it hard for me to give them money lol. The new t iconic ship bundle does not seem all that appealing...
It's a decent ship by most accounts, but since all sci ships have access to secondary deflectors now, it's primary advantage is gone.  I'm a big fan of the Vesta class, but that is fed only so this is probably a decent option if you want something that will work for all factions.
Vesta is hands down better for Feds but if you want a good Sci ship for the other two factions they are not bad. Prob not worth a hundred bucks though.


Well I have until the 22nd to decide so perhaps they will feature a more attractive bundle...