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Full Version: Breen Carrier- checkup
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Hi all,
  Was wondering if anyone could take a look at this build before I splash out on grinding for it? Contrary to what it says, its for a Roman Science alt of mine. I'm primarily an engineer so any science specific advice would be appreciated, e.g. doffs, powers, etc. 
Used parts of TacPaddy's carrier build, which  looks really good.





Equipment-wise, I have no recommendations as it seems pretty solid to me. However, I have some for your Skills. As you may already know, I'm not a fan of "wasting potential" by placing 9 points in too many skills. As you have done this, you neglected some skills that are crucial to your chosen Career. Having no points in Flow Capacitors as a Science Captain is like having no points in Attack Pattern on a Tactical Captain. So respec and put some points in there. Then your Tachyon Beam will be way more effective.
Oh and while you are at it, you want to add some points to Medic and Physiology, to make your Science Toon also more effective on the Ground. Wink
GEAR: Swap your rear AP beam array for the Obelisk AP omni beam, you can use that plus an Omni crafted array at the same time. That way you have all your firepower on your forward arc. You can also consider adding the Obelisk core although I am not sure it will perform better than your fleet core overall; it may add more damage since it grants a flat bonus to AP damage. I would also ditch the Nukara console, the Resonant Dissipation Matrix, and your Emitter Array sci console for more fleet Particle Generators with +Pla from the Embassy - this will make your Feedback Pulse and Grav Well much stronger.

BOFFS: I would also pick EITHER Torp High Yield or Spread and go with one - since you've got 5 beams and 1 torp with a really long cooldown having all your boff skills in torps is a waste. Put BFAW3 in place of your spread and ditch your THY1 for spread would be what I would do but I leave this to you. 

Great link for skill data here:
SPACE SKILLS: TAC Your APB from your boffs is useless without points in Starship Attack Patterns - you should max this for best DPS but can get by with 6 if you are REALLY stretched for points. It's a Tier 1 skill though so even as a Sci it is useful and cheap to max out. Threat Control - ditch this completely. ENG I'd set Shield/Aux/Wep Performance to 3 and Hull Plating to 6 as the benefits above this tail off way too much. Batteries is really useful if you ever use batteries, although it looks like you have only devices now.  EPS is a must, put 6 here if you can, and 3 into Armor Reinforcement if you can afford. 6 points in armor is recommended. SCI Flow Caps is another "duh" thing as TP mentioned. 9 points, it's a cheap Tier 1 skill that has HUGE payouts. Max out Graviton Generators as well. 

By my calculation if you make the decreases I suggested you'd still have over 40K skill points left to spend on maxing out Attack Patterns/Flow Caps and then spending on Batteries, EPS, and Starship Armor as you see fit. As a sample build I did 6 points in Starship Armor, 6 points in EPS, maxed Attack Patterns/Flow Caps/Grav Gens which would be a lot more effective in combat. 
Thanks to both TP and robonixon,

Well, you can certainly tell that I'm a bit out of my depth here...

I will respec as soon as I  can and undergo a major overhaul. 

Thanks again,