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Full Version: Queue rewards - advice needed
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Hello all

Sorry I've been like Lord Lucan recently but time has been scarce and/or I've not been able to concentrate 100% on playing while doing things.

Now, I found something an annoying way. I did the Spire dyson in the queue and got a grand total of 16 marks. Far from what I was expecting if I am honest. So I was wondering - is there somewhere or do you all know, how much of each reward do we get from these launched queue things.

I remember that the elite stfs (showing my age, I know) used to give a fairly decent amount. None of this '60 for the first one of the day and then just 10 from then on' malarky.

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Farming Dyson marks is best done in ground BZ or doing the space daily mission in the Solanae sphere (which usually takes under 5min for the daily reward but is a limited payout afterwards). Not sure on the space payouts but they are variable based on success criteria and generally lower than in the past based on recent revaluations from our malevolent overlords at Cryptic.
The spire queued mission is one of the worst paying in the game.  It relies almost entirely on getting every optional, and even if you do get them all I think you get around 40 marks.  It's not worth running.  Unfortunately I can't seem to be able to find a list of payouts at the moment to link, but most other advanced queued missions pay out around 65 marks I think.  As Beardy said, the best place for Dyson is the ground BZ.
Thanks for the tip. Again, with ground, the first area won gives 60, then it seems to be 10 after that. Looks like a grindathon

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That's true, but you get a nice payout at the end when the dino's go down, plus be sure to pick up all the missions.  I usually get around 200-300 marks in one session there, which takes roughly 30 minutes.  Also, though you can certainly go there alone and do just fine, it really helps to be teamed with a couple people.  Makes the missions easier to complete.
You can also instance hop to see which of the instances are close to or currently fighting the dinos and farm a lot quickly that way although this depends on the number of people there.
True. Fortunately I have finished the dyson rep and have the ground set with the costume unlock sorted. Now to finish off undine and delta, get the sets and costume unlocks there and finally see what space gear tickles my fancy.

I really don't know if I'll bother with any alts after all this :-)

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