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Full Version: Promethius Bridge
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I just got the Prometheus bridge pack for my Tactical Command Battle-cruiser. Here are some screen shots in case anyone is interested Live Long and Prosper


What do you think? I am down for kewl factor 7 Tongue
Pretty fresh, Pink. I need to step into something besides this cramped Intrepid/Voyager bridge, as much as I dig the astrometrics lab and Borg cubbies... It's just no good for entertaining.
They look great Big Grin I want to get a new bridge


This is just salt in the open wound for Romulans..... Wink
...and/or Klingons!

It does look nice though.  Reminds me I really need to visit my bridges more often.
It's the bridge to go along with the Advanced Escort, but they are nice.
The command cruiser does go with it with the whole 4 naecelle banter


Yeah I noticed the ship diagram behind the captains chair has 4 nacelles on it. I think I need a ship with 12 nacelles on it lol Big Grin
Haha what we need is foundry bridges!