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Full Version: Klingon Glory Week
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Hello everyone,

this week we are celebrating "Klingon Glory Week". So, join us in a week long celebration of the Klingon people! We will play through Klingon stories and missions, and drink blood wine to remember the glorious battles our people have faced. March 23, 1967 was the first appearance of the Klingons in "Errand of Mercy".

So come on and dust off your Klingon Armor and be a proud Legionnaire!

For Honor! For Glory!

ben law' batlhmey Legion! (For the glory of the Legion!)
In honor of Klingon Glory Week we'll be giving away prizes to random Legion characters Friday March 27th from 1PM-5PM Est. (1700-2100 UTC).  All you have to do to be eligible is to be logged into a Legion character during the giveaway.  Prizes include contraband, winter outfits, Elachi Crescent Blast Turrets, Elachi Flame Crawlers, a Vaadwaur anchor drone, Space Trait - Anchored, a Kazon Heavy Raider and an APU cruiser.  We'll also be running missions during the giveaway and perhaps even have a social event.  Come join us for the fun!
The Klingon Glory Week Giveaway Party was a great success.  Special thank to TacPaddy for providing many of the great prizes that we were able to give away today.  Thank you everyone for the great turnout.  Aside from the prizes, we were also able to run some borg stf's, defera invasion zone hards, a klingon fleet alert and finished the day with a party on Risa.  I'd like to think everyone who participated had a great time, I know I did.


(03-27-2015, 09:03 PM)martinison Wrote: [ -> ]Special thank to TacPaddy for providing many of the great prizes that we were able to give away today.
My pleasure. Wink