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Full Version: Newbie looking for build advice
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Hi all, I'm a tactical human currently on level 17 and working my way through the main story missions, PvE, and some Foundry missions.  

Often I've found myself outgunned in PvE (especially in Starbase 24 going against huge Klingon battleships) and getting blown up and needing to respawn.  It doesn't seem to matter much if I die and have to respawn, but if I'm mistaken please let me know.

Nonetheless, I want to submit my current build and see if there are things I could do to keep myself from being blown up too often.  

I also find that sometimes my weapons don't seem to work after a while, it seems like they've been disabled somehow (they're not out of the 10km range of my weapons).

Thanks in advance!


First thing I would recommend is check out Valikin's videos,  I'm working on 2 DPS builds, one fed and one kdf, that have come a long way since watching his DPS video.  My fed isn't doing a ton of damage yet because I haven't started crafting weapons for him yet but my kdf's DPS has probably tripled and he isn't finished yet.
Thanks for the response, eaglescoutdjb.  I've been playing on and off for the past week, and now I'm a level 42 Rear Admiral with a Sovereign class starship Smile

I just discovered the R&D school and upgrading items because the featured episode "uneasy allies" gave me a free tech upgrade.  I'll be sure to watch the video to increase my DPS.  

Meanwhile, I think I found a bug in the upgrades screen.  If you try to upgrade an item by dragging it to the spot and then drag a tech upgrade to its corresponding spot, but then don't upgrade because you don't have enough dilithium, then close the upgrades screen, it appears you don't get the tech upgrade back in your inventory Sad
There is very little if any penalty for dieing and respawning in anything below Advanced difficulty PVE.  Once you get to advanced and elite you will get injuries when you die, but those are very easy to fix.

There are enemies with the ability to disable your sub-systems (weapons, engines, shields, aux).  I'm guessing that is whats happening to you.
The upgrades belong in your R&D tab, it doesn't disappear but it does move there.
At that stage in the game, yeah, it doesn't matter if you die a lot... except in terms of wasted time. That said, I'd drop that tachyon beam for hazard emitters in that Science BOff slot... it'll improve your survivability and clear some debuffs... probably do more for you than that tachyon jobby job.

Also, where you're at in the game, I would stay away from upgrades... I'd wait on those until you get to the end of the game (level 50 and on), as they're expensive and you'll be cycling through a bunch of good free equipment as you level up (which you can get from missions and so on).

Once you've figured out how you like flying and what kind of gear you prefer, then you should get into upgrading. Otherwise, you'll be throwing good Dilithium and time and ECs after bad.

And back to R&D, as you mentioned it... my suggestion would be to run Research projects until you get whatever school to 15 (well... level 1 school up to 5, then level 2 more up to 5 - 3 schools at level 5 - then get one up to 15 by stacking research projects)... up 'til that point, again, you'll be inefficient in your use of R&D materials and time.
I've been busy with work but looking forward to doing Uneasy Allies again over Easter so I can get the Romulan super shield Smile

Thanks for the tips, I'll work on leveling up my R&D schools. I've got Beams at level 5 and two others at level 3, but I'm seeing I'm missing an "R&D Technician" duty officer and so it appears I can't make stuff over level 5. I'm hoping eventually I'll get one of those duty officers and be able to do it.