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Full Version: Captain's Table
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I've been to the Captain's Table a few times and have seen no changes to it in the last year. It's a nice map, but no one seems to go there because there's nothing to do that you can't do better at ESD or the Academy. The shipyard performs limited services and the Ferenghi vendor is useless to anyone above the rank of Lieutenant. It does give an alternative location to use the Exchange and the Mail system, but why bother to go there just to do that? The bar, if I recall correctly, sells exactly the same things as the ones at ESD and the Academy. The NPCs have little preprogramed phrases that they say (in written form) as you pass by, but you can't engage them in any kind of conversation because each one only has one or two lines of dialog.

I've never seen more than one other player there at any given time so as a social site it's a failure. I think the Developers intended it to be a place for players to hang out and socialize and they did put some work into its design, but for reasons I don't understand they then turned around and made it unattractive when it comes to available services. It's like building a luxury hotel and then furnishing it with camp cots and porta-potties.