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Full Version: Getting the most for you Item from Vendor
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This came up in fleet today so I thought I would just find out for sure. Question was: How much do I get for selling an item.

I used an item that tool tip said was 4000 EC.

50% for Item: 2000 EC
Personal Equipment Vendor on ESD
Bartender at Academy
Vendors and Bartender at dorzana station except commodity broker

40% for Item: 1600 EC
Cargo Ship in space
Cell Ship Quartermaster
Commodity Broker on ESD and Dorzana
S.S. Azura II (summon freighter)
Recycle and Discard from Inventory

30% for Item:
Ferengi merchant in space

This is for FED's but I am sure the same holds true for the equivalent for KDF toons
You also get 50% from the bartender at the fleet starbase.
So many more. This is great. I may still hop by Drozana to chill, but how freeing to have more 50% vendors.

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Delta Command vendors in Jenolan Sphere also give 50%.


Each Personal AND Ship Equipment Vendor gives you 50%.


Smirk, during his last and final broadcast, mentioned that you can get more for your stuff from the vendor at the Captains Table... Starfleet


Need to check that again, but in my memory it was less than 50% because of the Vendor being a Ferengi.


Really? So I guess there was a reason for letting smirk go.... Tongue
LOL, so that was why he is gone
Interesting.  I think there was a vendor that gave 50%, but not more than that.  I never saw any update the release notes saying they had updated it, but I haven't been there in two years.  Might be worth checking out.

I'd always hoped they'd give us a reason to go there and they did have a thread a while back asking what people would like to see there to bring them in, but I don't think they ever did anything with the input they got.
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