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Full Version: New Episode - Uneasy Allies
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I wonder what qualifies as efficiently.
I will have to look for these on my completed list when I get back into game.


(03-28-2015, 03:44 AM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]It just means to use the best officer career for the job.

Sci for deflector repair, eng for Intermix repair, and tac for shield repair.

So long as you have one of each of those Boffs on your team, you should be fine.

[Mission] Accolade complete: The Admiral Doesn't Get Hands Dirty
[System] [LegacyFloaterMsg] You delegated repair tasks with optimal efficiency!
I guess, I haven't read with care then. Wink
I ran it yesterday, assigned all the right boffs and didn't get the accolade.  I wonder if you also have to get through the bomb part without triggering any?  Or, perhaps it's just one more bug.  Who knows.  I used Nellin Exil for the sci part.  His name doesn't show up in the dialogue like the other boffs do, wonder if there is a bug with using him where it doesn't qualify him as a sci.
I only assigned two and got the accolade before the 3rd choice came up, so it is clearly bugged. No shock there.
Interesting.  I only ran it once and my sci was the '.'  I assigned him and didn't get it.  Wonder if that dialogue issue is the problem then.  I'll have to try it again.
from what I have been able  to tell its due to 'special' boffs. I know the sci voth boff will get you the '.' not sure about ither but prob the intel hybryds ones


Well at least it works with the Liberated Borg BOFFs like the Reman Tactical, Romulan Science, Klingon Engineering and the Science one from Khitomer Ground. They did show regulary with the names I assigned to them. I guess, it's only trouble with BOFFs you can't rename.