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Full Version: Which Science Ship seems best?
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With Cryptic's announcement of a "free" character next month, I am planning a Federation Science Captain now. What are everyone's thoughts of the Multi-Mission Reconnaissance Explorer VS the Pathfinder Long Range Science? I should be able to buy one of them with the Dilithium I'll earn from the current even + my monthly stipend.


Tough choice. The Aventine would need an Upgrade to T5-U. Which would effectively cost you 3250 ZEN unless you buy the Ship Upgrade Requisition with EC from the Exchange. It would lack its own Starship Trait and you can't use Intelligence BOFF ailities on it. However, its Universal Lcdr. BOFF Slot allows for lots of builds. Its Console Slots suit both Tactical and Science approaches and then there is the Hangar Bay.

And then there is the Pathfinder. A T6 Intel Ship definitely laid out for Science gameplay. With only 2 Tactical Consoles Slots, it's more likely to be used in Support role. The Pathfinder's Lcdr BOFF Slot is not universal, but for a Science BOFF. The Lt Engineering BOFF Slot is a Hybrid seat allowing the use of Intelligence abilities. It has its own Starship Trait, that heals the Hull when using Shield Heals.

I guess, in the end, it comes down to your game play. But, if I would play majorly on Federation Characters, then I would take the Aventine. Its Console layout, its BOFF layout and its Hangar Bay make this Ship almost certain to be a deadly opponent.
The Pathfinder is probably a stronger ship for Sci-specific gameplay due to the console layout, but the Vesta pack ships are more versatile for other uses. 
As the captain of a Pathfinder who's just getting his sea legs (after having already been a "Fleet Admiral?" I think Cryptic should scale the titles of the ranks back)...

I gotta say, I really dig the boat. It's verrry science-y, as folks say, though... and, given that the game is, to no small degree, about DPS and not just making cool stuff happen, I would say that the Vesta is going to give you more flexibility in terms of game play and pushing out the pain.

So, yeah, what everyone else said... if you want to switch your build up a bit and fly the ship in a few different ways, the MMRE is great. If you just want to go hardbody science, exotic damage, etc., then get the Pathfinder. It's got a nice design, to boot, though I use the Intrepid skin for the most part.

I think you'll enjoy either direction.