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Full Version: Caitian Atrox Carrier
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And there goes one of my biggest reasons to play my KDF toon lol

EDIT: Also that thing just looks so dang shiny.
the only messed up thing about it is that is requires vice admiral to use it, but it comes with mk vii weapons and equipment
Eh I know all the VA ships I have bought have had all of their equipment replaced before they ever left dock so I dont see that as a big deal.
This vessel is nice in appearance but slow in maneuverability. You will need to upgrade the inertial dampeners and eps components. But, drives likes a sofa. Like the fighters deployment option though.
Can anyone please compare this new carrier to the Vo'quv? I have a Vo'quv and enjoy it a lot. I would like to get the new fed carrier but so far I see two problems: Lt Tac boff, and 2 tac consoles. How does the ship fight compared to the vo'quv? handling isn't an issue, it's not a race car so I dont expect a turn radius smaller than 2 light years in radius. How's the survivability? What I need are people who have both and have fought in both. Not to be rude but if you don't have a vo'quv and your only carrier is the new fed thing, then your opinion really doesn't matter to me.
One big difference I have noticed is that there are no "big" ship types for the fed carrier like the Bird of Prey for the Vo'quv. Not sure how big of a deal this will be as I still havent used my Fed Carrier all that much yet so will with hold other thoughts for now.