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Full Version: 30K-50K+ DPS Tactical Odyssey Phaser(+torp) Build
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Dear STOA Fleet Members/ Forum Members,

As some have asked me, I am posting my Tactical Odyssey build.
It is not a cookie-cutter build. It is not an optimal min-maxed build. However, it is what I enjoy flying.
I am too much of an old-school Trekkie to use anything but Phasers and at least 1 Torp. I also did not want to sacrifice survivability for extra DPS.
I have given a 30K to 50K DPS range because ISA DPS runs are very dependent on team-composition (for team DPS, synchronised buffs/debuffs) and flight paths (for optimal positioning).
In a pug with a 5K-10K avg. dps team I might get 30K dps (maybe more maybe less)...with 30K dps pre-made team I’ll get around 45K-50K dps on average. Best so far was 53K dps. A better pilot could probably get more.
As I said, I know it’s not a min-maxed all anti-proton build…but it’s what I enjoy flying Smile
Build -Arrow

Note: DPS numbers provided are using the CLR with DPS Channel Setting.