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Full Version: KG's Scimitar Build
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Just thought I'd share the Scimitar build I've been working on.  This build currently does 45K plus dps fairly consistently.  I'm of course always open to suggestions for improvements.  Power settings, doffs and boffs are listed in the notes section.

**For some reason the skill planner doesn't want to save the crtdx4 modifiers.  The first two beams should be crtdx4.
Thanks for the tips Chris.  I'll play around with those things when I get a chance.  I'm certainly no expert so I'm always open to some optimization help here and there.

I have the Concussive Tachyon Emission and use it from time to time.  Being a ground trait I'm not all that worried about it though.  All depends on the mission I'm taking on to be honest.  (for instance, you absolutely do not want to use that on NTTE since the Tholian boss has his shield completely recharged by any type of tachyon attack)

As for the set piece upgrades I honestly didn't notice a big difference.  Probably should be the last thing someone upgrades and it's certainly not a necessity.  That's not to say that there isn't some benefit, but not nearly to the extent that the weapons and console upgrades will give.  This is a tac build though.  I'm assuming that those set upgrades will have more value to a sci build or possibly a tank build.
When I hit tier 5 I thought it was a space trait too.  I think there was a bug (either tool tip or tray issue, don't remember) that made it look like a space trait.