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Full Version: Chief Science Officer's Guide to Federation Diplomatic Corps
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Thanks for the information. I was unaware of many of the things you mentioned here. Also, thank you for thr the information in another of your posts about the ability to do DOFF missions in KDF space once you gain Diplomatic Immunity and can enter the Omega Leonis sector block. I am using your information to build a colony in the Eridon Nebula to represent the Kochab System, hereditary home of the Warburton Clan. By the way, I discovered that when you are in an enemy star cluster, none of the anomalies register as unexplored star systems, so you can pick up crafting materials faster than you would be able to do in your home territory where you sometimes have to stop to aid a planet, destroy some bad guys or reprogram some alien artifacts. Of course, with no star systems to explore you don't get any rewards for completing exploration missions, but once you reach VA the skill point rewards are almost meaningless and the Dilithium for Explore Strange New Worlds can only be earned once a day anyway.

I will definitely be using your information on the Diplomatic Corps, as only one of my current characters has reached the Amabassador level and I would like for all of them to be able to transwarp to any starbases ot just ESD and K7.

As Attilio says, "Sciencia est Potentia,"