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Full Version: DPS Fleet assault Cruiser
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I'm looking at setting up a Fleet assault cruiser on my Tac Captain. My question is what is the best dps setup for this ship?


Using the Skill Planner Build Search, I found this 30k DPS build. I guess, this may be a good starting point. Wink
I've had good success using broadside beams all around with set gear to amplify the damage type. I can post a build or two once I get back from my road trip later tonight. It's pretty close to the build TP linked. If you don't have the Marion doff this would still be solid but you won't be hitting 30K without some other tweaks.
Just want to say the build that TP posted is pretty solid and very similar to a build I use on the fleet avenger.  You'll do very good dps using that build.