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Full Version: My current Fleet Advance Heavy Cruiser built.
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This is my another Fleet Advance Heavy Cruiser built. 
Based on Tetryon beam weapon built.

Doffs: Space
1 Purple Warp Core Engineer
2 Purple Technicians
1 Blue Technician
1 Purple Warp Theorist

This built was under supervised by Gale and Feanor. Thank you for his advices to help me build the ship.

Best regard

U.S.S. Draken bibliography (another my fantasy story)
First combat starship that built from Swedish civilian shipyard, SAAB (Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget), under the supervision from Starfleet Engineering Corp. The second combat starship that later built from SAAB is Presidio Command Battlecruiser and this considered the most powerful ship ever built by Swedish shipyard.
However, Advance Heavy Cruiser, the Excelsior Refit class is the first and pioneer to Swedish shipyard to start the construction of combat starship since the possible threat from Voth, Borg Collective and possible Iconian in near future and this demanded Starfleet to provided all entire civilian ship yards around the world to constructed combat starship. Note that civilian ship yards in the past were not allow to constructed combat ships and only constructed freighters and civilian vessels.
This Swedish built variants were re-designed in traditional Nordic defense tactic. In 20th century, Nordic countries, especially Sweden, used the coastal defense ship to defending coastline and providing strong fire power. Geographic in Nordic countries demanded small and fast coastal defense ship but still maintain strong fire power. 
As in 24th century, the re-designed is named as Orbital Defense Ship sub-class, providing strong defense in orbital planet but still operational in harsh conditioned in Delta Quadrant.
U.S.S. Lansen (Presidio Command Battlecruiser) was first built in 2410 by SAAB. Lansen in Swedish means lance.
U.S.S. Draken (Advance Heavy Cruiser, Excelsior Class Refit) was first built in 2409 by SAAB. Draken in Swedish means dragon.
Both name were the name of 20th century SAAB built jet fighters, the J-32 Lansen and J-35 Draken.
You might want to check your consoles, I show you have 2 copies of Assimilated Console, Zero-Point Console, and Hydrodynamics Compensator on here. 

General issues: why did you choose to go with DBBs and a turret/omni-beam mix in the rear instead of going all regular beam arrays for broadsides? You'd likely get much higher and better sustained DPS by doing so. If that was only done to use the Nukara weapon set bonus you can still get the 2pc tetryon damage boost by equipping just the mines and the console. You can also use the Hirogen set if you have access to it for more boost, although to be effective on a beam build you'd need to run both consoles and mines from each set. I'd probably dump the fleet engine here for something with better stat boosts or bonus mods such as the new Kobali engine or even the Nukara engine. In terms of boff skills I feel like 3 copies of ET1 is overkill here but given the rest of the loadout it would be hard to recommend something else; perhaps move your EPtS2 down to EPts1 and replace it with RSP1. That way you keep DEM3 and EPtW3. I'd probably also dump Tachyon Beam for Hazard Emitters, or perhaps run TSS here instead as well so you get more shield healing as you have a lot of hull heals (assuming you don't take RSP1 anyway). 

If you really want to drain shields look at using the Omega deflector and shields instead of Counter-Command, the 2pc set bonus works great with shield drain builds. I'd also slot a few of the Fleet Embassy science consoles with flow caps bonus. 

The consoles that can't equip more than one is only applied to the Mark-console one. In current game patch, same type of console but with Mark and Markless can be equipped together. You can try it. 

And thank you for the advice of the ship built. I will definitely working on it.
It may take me a while until I upgrade all BB weapons and suggested shield, deflector and engine to the Mk XIV and see the differences. Smile 

Your sincerely
Interesting about the consoles, I did not know that. Instead of two Hydro's for turn rate I would probably use a Tachyokinetic Converter on there instead, if you really need the turn help, or get the fleet RCS consoles from the Dil mine in your engineering slots so you get more defense as well. 
I see. I will note the modified suggestion. I see Tachyokinetic Converter in Lobi store consortium, it is really good one but would take me sometimes to get enough Lobi crystal to buy it. 
RCS consoles...ok, I will check on it.
Thanks again for suggestion. This info is very useful for me. Glad that I get an advice to help me improve my ship. 

Best regard