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Full Version: Jem'hadar Strike Ship (T6) My thoughts PLEASE READ!!! FAREWELL!!!
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Sooooooooo... The JHAS that used to be sought by many back in the old days at some point was worth 500 mill or more. Some people farm and work very hard and scape every last EC they could find in able to afford JHAS. Now Cryptic wants you to bend over more and yeah don't even get me started over there. It is a betrayal to the folks who own JHAS including myself and I basically unable to fathom what Cryptic has ever done! I do somewhat understand that Cryptic need to generate revenue due to the fact they go F2P. Ultimately, this is a scam and Cryptic will capitalize every opportunity get hold on their hands by selling new ship either from C-Store, lobi, lockbox, promotion and etc. I fear more and more people who used to be die hard fans will turn away from this game and start to find new mmo that best suited to their needs.

Lately, Eve Online has kept enticing me little by little the pleasure that Eve given unto me is uttermost delight! You have to experience it to believe it folks! Since I haven't been playing for a long period of time I fear I will be unable to afford my crew wages and such. My boff and doff will attempt to make a final strike and if there is no settlement I guess they will abandon me as their master.

P.S. If you happen to be in the vicinity of ESD please drop by @ my office and you can always check my boff and doff don't worry I train and feed them well. Make sure to fill up a form properly and state the reason which officer whom you would like to recruit. For your utmost convenience you can call my secretary and book an appointment to ease the hassle. Thank you!

Yours truly,

Note: This is not to say I should quit entirely, but only play very casually nor use RL resource to gain Cryptic financially. I'm no longer fully committed to progress Masamune's needs and wants. Rather, just log on once in a while and enjoy like the rest f2p player "experience™".  SUBJECT TO CHANGE™®© depending on my mood I might come back full time!  
Wait, just to get this straight, you're leaving the game?

You have given legit reasons, we all know that cyptic uses STO as a cash cow and has terrible TERRIBLE customer relations.

If you're giving away doffs, I would happily take them, but anyway I wish you the best of luck, farewell, if thats your intention


That sucks... I haven't sunk as much time, effort, (and money?) into this game as you, but this power creep mixed with Cryptic's weird system for monetizing things... well, it does seem like, with each major change, someone gets stuck.

Personally, I enjoy your presence in-game and would be sad to see you go, so I hope this isn't a permanent exit... but, again, that's for selfish reasons.

And did they ever implement the T5U version of the JHAS? If so, the JHSS is not so overpowered in comparison... there's the cannon rapid fire trait, the lvl 60 hull is bigger... OTOH, maybe the JHSS is what the T5U version of the JHAS has become as it moved from Tribble to Holodeck... which would suck... otherwise, the JHSS isn't that much more powerful than an upgraded JHAS.

Really just trying to concoct an argument to keep another fleet mate in the game, but maybe the argument holds water. If not, I'm just curious how well you feed your DOffs... could you be more specific? What kind of foods do they prefer? Is there a time after which they shouldn't be fed anymore (like with mogwai)?

Good luck and, again, sorry to hear this...
The main differences from the JHAS are the intel/command hybrid seating, and the ship trait. Otherwise there's nothing wrong with the old T5U JHAS and it will continue to be good. However, this is a pretty Cryptic thing to do and I am not blown away by it at all. I am sure we'll have T6 variants of all these other ships being introduced soon enough so we can continue to grind away. 
What surprises me is them re-releasing the JHAS(JHSS) so soon. There are quite a few ships they could have released before doing that. I, for one, would like to see a Keldon-Class Cardassian ship as an update to the Galor. Other Xindi ships would be nice. Or god forbid any other Delta quadrant ship. I just think its shitty for them to re-release a ship like they did the Intrepid, so soon anyways.
I agree with giantcornsnake, it is to soon to release the ship. I would have liked to seen fleet ships of the current t6 ship 1st. That is not to say I will play the lotto and try and get the ship


Although I know that it will never happen, I think Cryptic should introduce special Upgrade Token, so that people can upgraded Ships like a T5-U JHAS to a T6 JHSS. One can only hope and dream, I guess.
I don't know if you guys remember this but the developers initially posted that the JHAS would be upgraded to T6 when they first announced that T6 ships were coming.  It was about the same time that they announced that other ships would be upgradable to T5U.  There was a big uproar in the forums because the JHAS was such a rare and expensive ship and the developers either believed that it would be upgraded to T6 or told everyone a flat out lie to stop the flood of hatred.  Does anyone remember that or know what happened that they only made it upgradable to T5U like the rest of the ships?
I remember it, and I also remember they backpedaled on it almost immediately and changed the details on the promo page to note it would be T6 parity aka T5U. I saw a lot of threads on the official STO forums asking about that since the announcement and none of them have been addressed to my knowledge. 


I like the look of the new ship but I will never be able to afford her. and my signature does not work but if you could see it you would marvel at how kewl it is... Angel