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Full Version: Crystalline Cataclysm and the new Crystalline Energy Torpedo Launcher
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This will go great with some escort builds I have using AP as they lack a good torp right now. 


Oh good, a Torpedo that will probably be boosted by the AP Tac Consoles. Like there are not enough AP builds out there already.
Looks good to me. My toons are running AP. I may add it to my beamboat.
I'm just hoping this opens the door to other energy-based torps.
Hell, if only plasma torps were boosted by plasma tac consoles and not their own console...
Torps have been all but useless to me because they cannot be boosted by the same consoles as the energy weapons and I think their metrics probably are telling them that they have become somewhat obsolete so this is a move in the right direction in my humble opinion.  Perhaps they are experimenting with this one to see if people make use of it before making any sweeping changes to all torps.  In the long run I do hope that we see this change made across the board to make torps more relevant.


That is on my shopping list! Cool
Or not? I mean, easier to go epic off a lower mark, right?

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(03-18-2015, 06:50 PM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]All,

  Be careful when you open your Crystal Torpedo, and think about your captain's level.
[Rumors are that it scales to your captain's level.   Someone opened one with a level 60, and got a Mk XIII (as they expected) and then opened one with their level 53, and received a Mk XI.
One of those 50-54 Mk XI, 55-59 Mk XII, and 60 Mk XIII things? ]
Not a Rumor, it is a confirmed fact.
Well, once you hit Mk XII it really isn't much easier to hit epic.  The odds are slightly higher, but not like if you are starting out at Mk II.
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