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Full Version: Fleet Battle Cruiser/Science
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I would like some help with my build I think it can dish it for a science officer, yet I feel like its lacking something.          If you could please help me I would be so happy. Here is a link to my build:
Dear Stovokor,
     This is a really solid build, and an interesting choice of ship for a science character. You sure have enough turn rate for a good beam build with the rcs, turn consoles and delta trait, so thats no problem, and so I only have a few suggestions.

1)- Equipment- I would put the Auto projectile in an engineering slot to free up another tactical slot for another locator, to boost damage, replacing the fluidic decoupler or the BHF consoles. I would then put the omega plasma top instead of the corrosive plasma top for the full set bonuses of the omega ordinance set with the cutting beam and assimilated module. If you have already upgraded the corrosive plasma torp to epic mk XIV, then don't bother with the omega torp.

2) Powers- I would replace tac pattern beta with beam FAW, which is a big help when dealing with multiple enemies ( unless the DBB can't do that with FAW?)and also put enegency power to weapons instead of EP to shields, as you'll need the power for the beams. Finally I might get polarize hull which makes tractor beams ( like the horrible bog ones) redundant. 

This looks like a good build, and I hope these suggestions will be useful.