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Full Version: Recluse build
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Looking for feedback on my recluse build. DOFF's are in notes section.
Also please note that I lead a fleet that is at Tier 2 starbase and Tier 1 other holdings, no access to some goodies yet, but we are making progress. So other than those things, looking to see what else I can do to get past 15K DPS, I currently parse at around 12-13K so I am concerned I am missing some obvious things:

Aside from upgrading your Tac consoles to Fleet Vulnerability Locators at MkXIV, you might consider getting Embassy science consoles with +Plasma dmg which would add some DPS as well. I am not a fan of the Fluidic AP beams as well for PVE since they push targets out of the line of fire, which can actually lower your DPS.