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Full Version: DPS Parser Walkthrough
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In case you missed my video over the weekend, I thought I'd post it up for you all to take a look at here. With all the constant changes to this game, much to the chagrin of the player base, we need tools to keep up with what is happening.

In a previous video I looked at the Combat log Reader and provided a link to download. Well that link has since disappeared, which inspired this video. Another DPS tracker for our game. 

I'm not suggesting you use this application or that it is better than the other, it's just a look at the application. Hope you enjoy the video.


Or while you are already here, you can try the STO Academy's completely web-based Combat Log Reader to learn about your overall DPS.
Anybody have problems with the web-based DPS parser. It won't seem to upload and open IE. I use Kaspersky as my AV solution.
There does seem to be a problem with our web based one when uploading a log larger than about 7.5 MB. I've been trying to work on a solution but so far have not come up with one.